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MMTF Recitals

All of my students are able to perform at Minneapolis Music Teachers Forum (MMTF) recitals, held on Sunday afternoons throughout the school year. Four of my students will be performing at the Feb. 24, 2013 recital.

Students must perform music written specifically for the piano (no pop arrangements), and must play from memory. Judges write critiques of the students’ performances and share these with teachers and students. Students earn certificates, ribbons and trophies for their performances throughout the years.

The MMTF recitals provide an excellent experience for young pianists. The challenge of performing from memory for an audience of other students and parents is one that all students should attempt at least once. They also benefit from listening to the other students performances. The critiques offer insight into the student’s playing beyond that of their regular teacher.

Here is a link to a video of one of my students performing at an MMTF recital in 2012.