Monthly Archives: July 2013

Summer Lessons

Some parents have asked about the effectiveness of lessons during the summer, when there can be two, three or even four weeks between lessons. My first response is that four weeks between lessons must be better than 12 weeks!

If students don’t take any lessons over the summer, they usually aren’t playing the piano over the summer, and that means their skills diminish and they start the next year behind where they ended the previous year. Even if they are practicing a little, they don’t get the direction and support that lessons provide.

Students can progress if they practice regularly and have at least 6 lessons during the summer months. While summer can be a busy time, it is without homework and the other demands on time that school places on kids. It is possible to carve out 15-30 minutes several times a week for practicing.

And remember, learning discipline is part of what learning a musical instrument is all about. If parents just let go of practicing over the summer, they’re losing the opportunity to teach their children the lesson that regular hard work is what’s necessary to learn, to improve, and to achieve their goals.

One positive about the summer is that kids might realize that reduced practicing and fewer lessons results in much slower progress.

I am looking forward to seeing all my returning students in the fall, as well as several new students!