Monthly Archives: August 2014

Successful Summer 2014, Now Looking Forward…

It is gratifying that just about all of my students came to lessons this summer AND practiced to keep up their skills. Many students worked on new duets and will have an opportunity to play them at a recital on Sept. 28 for residents at the Walker Methodist Health Center. Family members and friends will also be welcome to attend.

I will be adding Minnesota Music Teachers Association piano exam and theory exam curriculum to many of my students’ lessons beginning in September. We will focus on keyboard skills and repertoire chosen by MMTA. Once a student passes the appropriate level for his/her playing, we will move up to the next level. The exams themselves provide incentive for students to practice hard and work toward excellence in their playing. I look forward to using the excellent programs that have been developed over decades by MMTA teachers.

Putting together a new lesson schedule is always a challenge, but I think everyone’s needs have been met as far as lesson times is concerned.

The fall recital will be at the same location on November 23.