Studio Policies – 2023-24

Student at piano

1. Lessons will be 40 or 60 minutes in length; some beginner lessons are 30 minutes.

2. Costs for lessons will be $33 for 40-minute lessons; $50 for 60 minutes; and $25 for 30 minutes. A recital fee of $5 per student will be billed in November and April.

3. Tuition is based on 36 lessons (approximately 30 lessons during the school year [September through May] and six in the summer months of June, July and August). Monthly tuition invoices will be for 3 lessons each. Adjustments for the actual number of lessons taken, which may be more or fewer than 36, will be made during the summer, which may result in larger or smaller invoices in July and August. If payment for any given month is not made by first day of the next month, a statement will be sent.

4. Books, sheet music, recital fees and other incidental expenses will be billed with the next monthly tuition payment.

5. Lessons will be scheduled from 2:30-8:00 Monday through Thursday. Morning lessons are possible by special arrangement.

6. Students are expected to perform in two studio recitals per year, held in the Fall and the Spring.

7. Students are encouraged to participate in Minneapolis Music Teachers Forum (MMTF) recitals or Minnesota Music Teachers Association (MMTA) piano/theory exam or other programs. These programs have additional fees.

8. The teacher will complete a written evaluation form of student progress midway through the school year.

9. Parents may video record or photograph at lessons only with advance permission from the teacher.

Family Responsibilities:

1. Parents will provide a piano (strongly preferred) or a touch-sensitive electronic keyboard with weighted keys for student practice. Children’s fingers do not develop strength or sensitivity on an -inexpensive keyboard that lacks resistance.

2. Lessons are open and parents are strongly encouraged to be at their child’s lesson so they have an understanding of what the student is playing
and how s/he should be practicing.

3. Parental involvement in practicing is key to a student’s development. The teacher guides the student in how to practice, but parents need to support practice on a regular basis. (See “Guidelines for Success” at right.) 

4. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that the student does the written work each week so their music reading and music theory skills will increase.

5. It is strongly advised that students continue lessons over the summer so they do not lose the skills they have been developing.

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